Our Difference

At National Trailer Mfg, we consider ourselves the ultimate hub for all things intermodal. We offer complete manufacturing capabilities for any marine chassis, Final assembly of newly imported chassis, comprehensive refurbishment services for both marine and domestic chassis, and a wide range of heavy -duty truck and trailer parts to fulfill your requirements.

Trailer Chassis Build Specifications

NTM chassis are suitable for repeated use in stevedoring and transporting 40' ISO cargo containers in highway and T.O.F.C. service within the United States. Chassis are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations; All chassis will adhere to Federal and State(s), D.O.T., A.A.R., ANSI, T.O.F.C., FMVSS, SAE, ISO, and TTMA requirements, standards, and recommendations that are in effect during the manufacturing process.

Chassis Material

The main beams are two hot-rolled I-beams. Wide Flange 12” beams in depth x 19lbs/ft. Main Beams to be to mill specifications; dual certified Grade 50 and A992. All other fabricated components are A572 GR50 with a 50K min yield.

Parts & Components

NTM has the expertise to create fully customized Axles, Brakes, Hubs, Drums, Landing Legs, Electrical Components, Air Components, and more, tailored to the unique requirements and desires of our valued customers. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are confident in our ability to deliver top-quality products that meet and exceed your expectations.

Final Assembly

We can assist you with the assembly of new or used chassis, regardless of their origin.

Complete Refurbishments

Refurb Candidates

We can assist you with the assembly of new or used chassis, regardless of their origin. JUNE ‘23 NATIONAL TRAILER MFG.

Commercial Blast

We offer a commercial blast (SP6)

Industrial Finish

We finish every refurbishment with a 70% Rich Zinc Primer and a Urethane Top Coat per the clients Specs

Parts & Components

We rebuild each chassis with premium components per the clients Specs

Heavy Duty Parts & Components

Axles with PSI

Our product line includes axles that can be purchased with or without PSI and brake components.

Landing Gears

Landing legs with internal and external gears.

Chassis Frames

Need to fix a twisted frame? We've got you covered with our selection of uncoated and powder coated frames.

Container Flooring & Parts

Our comprehensive range of container repair parts is available for purchase.